OUR MISSION IS TO OPTIMISE THE PERFORMANCE OF REMARKABLE PLACES, to deliver unrivalled service and value for our customers.

We are committed to our values of:
Excellence – Constantly striving to outperform
Trust – Honesty and integrity, inspiring confidence
Open – Collaborative working, one team ethos
Valued – Respect and listen to others, each accountable, all responsible.

Performance is more than day-to-day property management. It means creating occupier experiences such that people are inspired by their environment. And for owners it means maximising the investment in their asset and brand.

Our commitment to the environment, sustainability and social responsibility reinforces our core values. We are renowned for the integrity of our approach and have built a reputation for delivering owner and occupier satisfaction – maintaining some of the highest retention levels in the industry.

  • £1.1 billion rent collected per annum
  • Over £255 million managed service charges including utilities per annum
  • 250,000 occupiers directly benefit from our services every day