As sustainability moves up the agenda for our clients and occupiers, at Broadgate Estates it’s intrinsic to how we deliver service and how we do business.

The Carbon Reduction Commitment has embedded energy reduction into our management approach, and we operate a three-tier hierarchy of lowering consumption, increasing energy efficiency, and decarbonising our supply. As well as benefitting the environment, energy reduction initiatives help deliver significant cost savings for occupiers. Clever building design and innovative technologies, including rainwater recycling, smart metering and photovoltaic electricity generation, further contribute to waste reduction.

Our triple bottom line for sustainability is based on economy, people and the environment, and this approach has earned us many accolades, from Carbon Champion of the Year to the Clean City Awards. Being reliant on occupiers to embrace environmental best practice, we make it easy for people to ‘do the right thing’ with a programme of environmental working groups and services such as clothing recycling in partnership with TRAID. Encouraging biodiversity is also a key priority for us, with our portfolio featuring a high proportion of green roofs, bat and bird boxes, beehives, and even a wormery. Such initiatives create a greater sense of wellbeing for the people that use our buildings, and form a real and demonstrable part of an occupier’s corporate social responsibility activity.

  • £1.1 billion rent collected per annum
  • Over £255 million managed service charges including utilities per annum
  • 250,000 occupiers directly benefit from our services every day


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